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History Since 1981

The company was founded in 1981. At the beginning, we dealt with utility and decorative production and ceramic souvenirs for tourists visiting Chmielno. We imported the raw material (clay) from the Iłowe Clay Mine in Lębork. After about 4 years, difficult times arose, among others for craftsmanship, it was becoming more and more difficult to stay in the market. To survive, I was looking for a new outlet abroad. In 1990, I established contact with the PARADISVERKSTADEN ceramic company, which is very well-known, not only on the Swedish market, with which we work to this day.

Our company also produces ceramic products for the Swedish company GABRIEL KERAMIK, as well as for smaller German companies. We export about 90% of our products, including 70% to Sweden and about 20% to Germany. The rest of the assortment is at the disposal of our store located at ul. Akacjowa 18 in Chmielno, where we cordially invite you.

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